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When gods laugh, they shatter the heavens with joy.
When we do what we do we can be sure no else is doing it exactly the same way.
If we can be sure of something, it’s that we will be the only one, doing things our way.
We can be sure, that no one can be anyone other than themselves.
What matters to the highest, is surely a bright light behind their eyes.

I am about to make the most of this incredible adventure and bring it in line with my expectations, hopes, and dreams.
What I want I really need and what I really need, I really want and to make the twain meet is a task for another day.

I would be able to instantly manifest what I wanted, in fact, I would know what I wanted and what I needed, and what I could have and I would ask for that, knowing that it would be what I would get if I would only ask for it.

I am prepared to manifest extraordinary resiliency and resourcefulness. I am prepared to be great and wonderful, and magnificent, and determined to seek divine, spiritual aid for the answers to my problems
When we walk and talk with God, we are more and more determined and able to better ourselves than we would be if we were making only a mortal effort.
We are convinced of an otherworldly influence when our ability to manifest extraordinary qualities of excellence is unparalleled, highly unusual and the force unlike any other.

I know that I can be victorious.
I know that I can create something better than what I have.
I know that I must keep on keeping on.
I know that I have an unrealized power to succeed, all I have to do is push on, persevere, refuse to give up.
I can do it. I can do whatever I want to do.
I will do whatever I must do, whatever I can do, can and will be done
The ultimate accomplishment of my life will be to refuse to give up, to persevere till the end.
I must not give up, I must persevere, I must find out how to move on and be receptive to when I can successfully intervene and change my fate.
I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know, but I don’t know what I don’t know
The way we will proceed is very systematically, very intelligently, very powerfully, with influence, with strength of will, strength of purpose, strength of mind, and character, with practice, all can be conquered, all can be controlled, all can be done.
I know there be an opportunity to make a fool of myself, and if there is the slightest possibility that it turns out otherwise then I must make that move, I must make the effort, I must step up to the plate, I must not be intimidated, I must overcome, I must able say that this is an adventure, this is my chance to break out of my customary paralysis of powerlessness, and finally crack the whip of my will and move myself beyond where I normally stop.
Since I have not hired a coach, since I am not going to spend money on a coach for various reasons, then I must find a way to get or create coaching from some other source.
Either I can derive a decent amount of coaching from the coach podcast that I listen to or take on the persona of an independent coach and objectively provide the guidance I need to make practical, and real changes in my behavior, or alterations in my thinking patterns, such that I find a deep and abiding relationship with what ails me today and always.
I am prepared to be ready for many dynamic moments in my quest to assault my inner weaknesses with the brightest blessings of the most high divine guides. In that spirit of eternal identity, I can and will manifest behavior of a stellar and spectacular quality.
What we are about is more and more responsiveness to more and more possibility. Where we are today, and how we are today, and where we are today, what we are accessing today in terms of the highest and deepest available, most realizable, most imaginable intelligence and wisdom.

You may think that you will never be able to write very much in it, because you don’t always have joys to record.
But that’s not necessarily the idea. If you have joys to record, by all means, do so, but the journal can also be used to find joy within yourself through the writing, journaling process. We can make ourselves happy or sad with our thoughts. In your journal, be courageously creating thought scenarios that please you, uplift you, deepen your appreciation for the happy moments in your life. Create happy moments in your imagination. What would make you happy and joyful? What wholesome activity lightens your mood, elicits gratitude for the events, situations, people and things in your life that are sources of joy.
What you do in the privacy of your joy journal will transform your public life. You can create a new self that is proof against an offense, resistant to anger, a master of moods, and a mindful self-motivator, able to seize decisive opportunities in the struggle of life to find happiness, peace, and prosperity.
Again and again, we can make that creative plunge into the words of our own creation that will give us the inspiration and the strength to persevere, even after repeated setbacks, and difficulties designed to test our patience and trust. We can with perseverance and relentless effort push forward with the desire to overcome everything and anything that stands in the way of our desire to create a better life for ourselves. We will with unparalleled determination, resolve not to let circumstances get us down, not to become a victim. We can with faith in an inner divine spirit, look forward to imagining a time when the best and greatest life is just a manner of clearly defining it in words, on the screen. Whatever can be imagined can be realized, and sometimes it takes a thorough vision. Whatever is not perfect about the life you want, change its characteristics in your mind to be greater than any obstacles, problems or difficulties standing in the way of having a satisfactory future.
Imagine yourself as the ultimate hero, able, capable, prepared for any and all problems, able to elicit the help and aid of superhuman powers, divine support, and angelic reinforcements when you need them.
You know you can be victorious. You need never give up using the thesaurus or dictionary to rewrite your story, your life. Your being will respond to the possibility of miracles. Grab a hold of the idea that all difficulties can be overcome, and its just a matter of time before your insistent barrage of positive belief will allow you to break through the barriers and reap the success that you have so diligently and carefully designed, engineered and manifested.

There once was a road and the road ran winding over hill and dale, it went through woods and fields and wound its way ever so far. Farther than the eye could see, even after traveling on the road for days, it seemed like it would never end. One wondered whether one would come to where one started on the road. “Perhaps the road goes around the planet”, someone said.
“What’s a planet?”, people asked.
“It’s what we’re standing on,” said another.
“We’re standing on dirt”, said someone else.
“What are you silly things talking about,” said a woman with dark hair, and a long dress covered with a multitude of colorful swirls.
“We live on a big ball of dirt, rocks, and other stuff.” She waved her extended arms and hands around, gesturing to the grass, the trees, and the clouds. “Everything is on the big ball or planet.”
“Yeah?”, a voice said.
“Yeah”, she said. “And the ball is floating in space.”
Blank looks appeared on many faces.
“Space, you know space,” she said. “At night, when you see the stars. They are in space. The stars are like our sun. You know the big, hot, bright thing in the sky. It just floating out there, and so is this ball of dirt. So there,” the dark haired woman said.
“Just floating? Is it?” said the doubter, “how’s that possible? We never see anything floating around.” “Well, it’s complicated,” said she.
“I know,” a little girl said, “its invisible magic.”
“It’s not magic, it’s science,” said the skinny boy with glasses.
“Yes, science magic,” the little girl responded.
“Alright, whatever,” replied the boy. “But you should know how the magic works,” said the boy and his glasses reflected the sunlight into the girl’s eyes, and she put her hand up to shield them.
“I know. Your glasses are hurting my eyes,” the girl said, wincing.
“Sorry,” said the boy, as he took off his glasses. He didn’t like to wear them, because when he moved his eyes to look at things, the frame was in the way, and by the time he moved his head, whatever it was he wanted to see, had already moved, or changed somehow and was no longer what it was.
“Can you explain how the science magic works? ” the boy said, blinking because his eyes had to adjust to seeing without glasses.
“Do I have to,” said the girl. She knew she could everything, but it took so much time, focus and concentration that it wore her out.
“I’m getting back on the road because that’s where we need to be. We need to get back on the road. If we’re going to finish exploring this road, we need to get moving,” said the conductor.
“Why do they call you a conductor,” the girl said.
“Because he conducts himself well,” said the boy, smiling. The eyes of the conductor narrowed.
“I’m getting back on bus, train, plane, boat, or whatever it is we are traveling on,” said the dark haired woman.
“It’s a combination of all,” said the girl.
“And so it is,” said the dark-haired woman as she climbed aboard.
“Is there room enough for all of us,” said a big lady?
“We all got off, we can get back on,” conductor said, annoyed and confused with such a ridiculous question, And so they did climb abroad one by one, some waiting while others walked up the steps. The massive conveyance swayed and rocked slightly when the big woman stepped on.

I am drawing close to the final straw, the final node, the final piece to the puzzle.
Soon it will fit together in a beautiful cohesive whole, and I will be very happy.
I will be incredible pleased and there will occur a great new insight that will shatter my mundane concept of the world, and I shall be unable to contain my joy and good humor.
I know that it is only a matter of time before my goal is achieved, and I will be incredibly pleased when the truth comes to the world’s attention and what I previously thought was real, will turn out to be a figment of my limited imagination.
I am moving with some glimmer of hope that the reality that I create will be incredibly good natured and a source of good will for everyone to enjoy. I am moving forward with the confidence and faith that I must constantly renew in my mind, so that the harbinger of doom cannot win the battle and embroil my life in some hellish nightmare. We are almost there, so I am holding the torch high, lighting the faith of my peace and happiness with the glow of my love for the possibilities that are threatening to shatter the darkness of despair and compel me to practice laughter in my mind and heart in a rehearsal soon to be held on a cosmic stage.

It was a breezy fall day, the leaves were flying. I was on my way to a lecture where an esteemed activist, of my acquaintance, was scheduled to talk about the dangers of GMO food production.
I was not looking forward to it. It seemed that the GMO nightmare was inevitable. The powers that be, would have to wake up to the real life compromises they would have to make, before they changed their profiteering plans. And that wasn’t likely to happen, and I flinched at my negative attitude. What happened to my optimism and positivity? I halted the negative wave that was trying to overtake my consciousness.
The talk was free. Entry to the auditorium was easy. A few people stood outside talking amongst themselves.
Another reason, I had decided to attend, was based on a rumor that agents, spies, whatever you want to call them, were planning to be there. I personally couldn’t see why they would bother. Here was a another small potato of an activist, who was merely adding to the public awareness, by reminding many of us, and informing a few about the dangers and opportunistic nature of GMO food producers.
And something else seem to be drawing me there. My mind sought to build elaborate schemes of deceit, and adventurous cloak and dagger opportunities, but I resisted, knowing that I needed to resign myself to a bored life of watching the intrigue from the safety of my living room.

I got there late, so Harold, standing behind a podium, dressed in a old sport coat and slacks, faded new shirt, no tie, with his straight long, greying hair combed back, had already launched into his tirade, or as close to one as he was going to get.

“I’m dismayed that a couple of prominent science personalities have been sweet talked into believing that GMO science is okay.
Their argument is, that genetic modification is nothing new. They claim that it has been around for many years. They like to brow beat the non scientists, the general public, to get with the program. They fail to address a significant aspect of the GMO effort that will cause the most harm. And that is, if my sources are correct, GMO companies, that were first chemical companies and are now food production companies, are modifying food crops to resist their poisonous, to people and the environment, pesticides and herbicides.
The big bonus, that the pro-GMO coalition, claims is that their new modified seeds produce more food per acre, that is also more nutritious. That brings me to the second secret agenda behind the GMO effort: seed monopolization. GMO giants want to hold the rights over food production, thus attempting to strangle hold the world in a profit-mad drive to market dominance.
What can you do about it? Don’t buy either the GMO hype or the GMO products that the sweet talking, duped GMO scientists are promoting.”
Harold went on about how the powerful interests driven by greed, would do anything to convince the populace that they are good guys.
As I sat there, I began to let go, I relaxed my grip on the physical world, colored lights slowly manifested. Each human form gradually revealed several layers of shimmering, vibrating light, some more spectacular than others. This was the basis of my “uncanny” ability to know the character of anyone within my view. I scanned the room for a cloud of light with dark specks or gray hue. There was something odd not far from me, where I had seen a woman before. There was no light. It was disturbing on a different level. I quickly shifted back to physical sight long enough, to see that there was in deed a woman there. How is that possible? I wondered. Android? Immediately the thought came to me. Why here? And how can that be, that degree of realism has only been seen in the movies.
My mind began to tune with that world of self learning, automated technology. I to stop myself. I had to stop conceptualizing about the android, and survey the remainder of the room. On the opposite side of the room, I detected a man leading against the wall. I could easily tell, his motives were treacherous. He appeared to be looking my way, but then I realized that he was watching the android woman, and occasionally glancing up at Harold on the stage. The leaning man and android were connected somehow, I realized. Is he controlling her. As inconspicuously as I could, I studied him. He had one hand on his chin, the other holding up his chin arm. Were his lips moving? It was difficult to tell. Was he communicating with the android through some wireless medium?
I looked back at the android. She seemed to be studying Harold, and he was closing his talk and thanking everyone for coming. A minute later, people were congregating at the stage to get his autograph. Others were leaving or stood talking with other attendees.
I felt awkward. I felt that I must do something, either walk toward the exit, or move toward the stage, since there no one near me with whom I could talk, and I didn’t want to get caught up anyone anyway. I noticed that the man was moving toward the exit, so I decided to follow him. I hadn’t gone more than a few steps, before I had an impulse to look back toward the stage. The android was already there. I couldn’t decide what to do. What if she posed some danger to Harold? She looked harmless, and non aggressive. Could she be a walking bomb. No! There were too many detection devices between the lecture hall and the entry to the building. No known explosives would have gotten this far.
I looked back to see where the man was. He was no where in sight. No reason to look for him now, when this woman may be the best source of information. I watched her, as I moved toward the stage. She hung back, as others got their autographs and jabbered with Harold.
When last person walked away from Harold, the woman quickly filled the void. I was still several rows away from the stage, and there was a cluster of people in my way. I felt an impulse to rush forward, while at the same time wondering how I would look, suddenly bursting past people.
Harold seemed startled to see her, he straightened, with a frown on his face, he resignedly nodded. He picked up his satchel, tucked his papers into it, and gestured with his head toward the side door at the side of the stage.
I had stopped moving toward the stage, when I saw his reaction to her. It confused me, a strange mixture of lights agitated his auric field. It was an indication that he was fighting a variety of emotions and impulses.
I heard a loud noise toward the back of the room. I didn’t look back. Probably chairs falling over, I thought, I wasn’t about to be distracted, and moved forward. Years of experience, had enabled me to keep calm under a variety of challenging circumstances, and that was my saving grace. Instinctively I crouched, just as something flew fast over my head and crashed into the chairs beyond.

Divine dependability is essential.
Reliable rationalism is reasonable.
Robin rode relentlessly with the restless rodeo on the road to Reno with rhinestones rinsed by Ruth while rythyming riddles recited by Rick the runner.
Somewhere there is a land where living is a paradisical parade of possibilities
In the bottom of every lonely life exists a dormant fountain of enthusiasm waiting to burst forth and transform the known world.
We and everyone in it are intrigued by fresh forests of fine figuring through the confusing philosophies of philistine philodendron planters.
We are of a mind to ministrate with trackless determination in balloons floating above the crowds and casting cautionary glints of gladness to the wind.
What will we do in our spindly programmed parade of practicality.
Where do you see the answers to my riddles of wonder?
Where do you go with the questions that came after the answers?
Who watches while waiters whirl west with wise words wrestled from whistlers walking wretchedly into the worst watch shop in Wichita?

What can I think now that will allow me to change my life for the better?
How can I become the architect for change in my life?
How can I become the driving force in my life?
How can I do what I have never done before?
How can I think the thoughts that never in my brain have rung before?
How can I become impetus for positive, progressive, intelligent, and spiritual change in the world now?
How can I become that essential inspiration for good in the world today?

I mowed the meadows of cosmological beginnings, and smelled the fresh grass of greatness.
The radical rotunda of difficulties spun its little head of illusive happiness and scattered the glass of giddiness to giggly guys in funny tights.
The terrible swift chord of caution was shouting with strong jolts of panic alarmed at the state of deceiving stares.
When will the rolling reams of riotous laughter inundate the dusty haunts of despondency and rekindle the flames of hope and happiness that lift us from the depths of despair to the heights of joy?
When will we know where and why the inner fires are glowing red with resonating rhythms and rivulets of melodic insight?
Where do we find the roads to the real life rhymes of the Thames?
Where are the wisdom wells in which we can dip our destinies to rinse them of selfish grime?
Place your questions in the magic bole of bliss and the mystic mind will manifest the multitudinous mists of mesmerizing and mysterious mirth.