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What if this day was a turning point?
What if the poverty consciousness turned into prosperity consciousness?
What if I had attunement with the divine will and henceforth I would, could create more wealth, health and happiness instantly?
What if I was able to totally embrace the possibility and the reality of prosperity, joy, and peace in my own life?
What if I could just share the inspiration, the understanding, the value, the meaning, the experience of the possibility of manifesting positive and prosperous circumstances where ever I went and thought and saw it make a noticeable difference?

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Find your own oasis of creativity
in the ocean of resignation,
by spending a few minutes a day
writing down your thoughts and aspirations,
until you’ve designed an attitude
that lifts you up out of the doldrums
and sends you flying
through the skies of possibility.


Qualitative moments

What if we decided that long ago,
there were incidents,
seemingly minor,
but significant,
that were an indicator
of extraordinary character.
What if we did something
that cost us nothing,
yet was the right
thing to do.
Regardless of our weaknesses,
we managed to do a deed
that was unusual for us,
but was indicative
of a greater intelligence
and wisdom than we rarely
thought we were
capable of knowing.
What if for brief moments
in our mortal lives,
we heard, listened to
and followed
a still small voice
that was suddenly
remarkable clear.
For the short times,
that we were one
with that wisdom,
we performed a service
that significantly altered
the lives of a select
group of people.
Even a few individuals
if moved at their depths
can go on to alter, improve,
and impact
an exponential number
of others
in the same qualitative way.
Hurray for the
moments of clarity.
Let us celebrate them,
identify with them,
pray that they come often,
and realize that
they are closer
to what we really want
more than anything else.

Only by pursuing the practice
of the present
does our persistent purpose
produce perpetual programs
of profound peace.


I was disappointed. I couldn’t sit down in the waiting room. No chairs. Why? Did they want me to be uncomfortable? It’s always like this. They didn’t design this room for me. Then for whom?
I looked around for something to rest my eyes upon. The blank walls, ceiling, and floor didn’t do much for my imagination. ‘Good’, I thought. This gives me the freedom to dwell on what could be coming next. Exhaling deeply, I quieted my mind. Although, I didn’t sense any danger, an awake and ready mindset was essential.

The commander’s aide was standing outside the inner double metal gray doors. Dressed in dull green coveralls, with feet spread, hands clasped behind him, chest out, chin up and looking straight ahead, he seemed uninterested in me.

Usually, I wouldn’t mind standing for a while, especially for what I thought would be a few minutes. Today was different, I had been awake most of the night. After the nightmare, I couldn’t sleep, and was too tired to get up and do something useful. Eventually, I did drift off in the early morning, which resulted in oversleeping. Therefore, I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. On the way to the meeting room, I had passed the military kitchen and an opportunity for some nourishment. I could have kicked myself, as a growling stomach, and lethargy took over. Even though the military’s austere breakfast fare was a seaweed, soybean paste mishmash, it would have given me some energy.

A quote I remembered from the philosophical teachings of Meghnad the Great, helped me to see the situation in a bigger context. “Regret not, for what thou didst not do, accept the unseen plan, go forward with fiery intent, and scorch the skies with fresh aspirations undreamed of.”

My weariness almost drove me to sit on the floor. I’ve waited for water to boil, people to arrive and things to happen, but waiting for my appointment with Plack, the head of island security, tested my reserves of patience and alertness. To make matters worst, the chance that the earthquake dream might be prophetic, had me wondering whether I would survive the day.

Without intending, I began to pace, which was my usual ritual of coping with the unknown. Strutting mindfully helped to quell my impatience and anxiety. Gradually the strength of my determination to relax was rewarded by several involuntary exhalations as the tensions withdrew almost entirely, and a fresh wave of energy lifted my spirits.
Since the rhythmic plodding was deepening my sense of peace, I kept at it. I was aware that the guard was watching me. Being still might have been the most acceptable way to behave, but the thought of another possible plunge into despair or anxious imaginings, kept me moving.

After a half dozen laps from wall to wall, I remembered an illuminating conversation with my mother.


I’ve done what’s never been done before
at this time in history by me right now


The how of what and the what of how?
How will the who of when tell us where the why happens?
Why will the now of when work the how into the where?
Where will most authentic whys re-fabricate the whens?


We are what we are,
yet we can change profoundly
or we can remain profoundly unchanged.
It seems pretty obvious that we would naturally change just in the course of living,
but often times our self image, what we tell ourselves about ourselves doesn’t change much.
We find ourselves repeating the same judgements of who or what we are for years,
without addressing the triggers of that repetition.
Who we think we are can become better and better, day after day, if we so choose.
Let that be our intention, motto, dream, hope and vision
that every experience, every moment be used to improve our ability
to cope efficiently with the varied challenges that come our way.
Regardless of the setbacks, let’s not lose hope, and push on with renewed determination.
We can focus our minds to dismantle, reverse engineer and redesign our self affirmations,
so that we can begin to repeat to ourselves
wise self affirming, confidence building, and self worth enhancing statements
of strength, courage, and practical understanding.

Dream outside of your expectations
Imagine beyond your wildest dreams
Look deeper than your most profound ideas
Never stop wondering
how you can push your creative mind
Beyond its assumed limits.



What habitual thoughts
do I think I would be wise to continue thinking
and which ones
would I be wise to stop thinking?
Wanting to think of something profound,
wanting to be inspired, I milk the now of creativity.
Keep plugging away, typing away, dredging the mind for something worthwhile.
Looking, seeking, screening the thoughts for wonderful ideas.
Looking hopefully for a great course to follow with my imagination firing in all seven centers.
The maximum mystery will split the atom of absolute interest.
A way to manage the mystery of the moment
is to engage the reporter mind, the wondering mind, the active mind, the mind of relentless invention.
I tapped the energy that would transform my world. I selected the moment for my escape into infinity.
I realized what I needed and knew where it would turn up.
I knew what and how I was meant to think, to be, to create.
What I was meant to become, what I am meant to become is now apparent.
I can think outside the paradigm, outside the concepts that held me fast,
outside my karmic envelope, beyond the cause and effect paradox that encapsulated me.
I am beyond, bigger than, deeper than the mortal bubble of belief
that normally would define my mortal self.
I am able to uplift my heart with hope.
I can make an effort to redesign my thinking little by little,
thus transforming my behavior everyday, and the source of my troubles will be destroyed.
I am the invincible creative psyche that dwells in a qualitative surprise dimension.
Developing my arsenal of wisdom words through a definite turn of phrase and purpose,
I enable myself to adjust and modify in order to make the most of evolving circumstances.
It is my prerogative, my choice, my decision,
to do what it takes to transmogrify the menacing specter of mediocrity
that could abandon me in a wilderness of sadness, despair, and defeat.
I know better. I will never be defeated.
My true self of light, energy and intelligence can not be, will not be,
must not be defeated by whiffs of merciless worry.
I can affirm my power to overcome,
in the strong thoughts that I repeat without fatigue for thousands of times,
each with the energy of conviction and belief.
Positive confirmation of the possibility of my victory over negative circumstances
invigorates my striving soul to surpass its customary limitations.

I can be independent,
free and happy in the knowledge
that something profoundly helpful
is working behind the scenes,
and providing the support I need
to achieve the lofty goals
that I envision in my deepest moments
of attunement with the divine will.
This knowledge gives me the ultimate uplift.



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