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Divine dependability is essential.
Reliable rationalism is reasonable.
Robin rode relentlessly with the restless rodeo on the road to Reno with rhinestones rinsed by Ruth while rythyming riddles recited by Rick the runner.
Somewhere there is a land where living is a paradisical parade of possibilities
In the bottom of every lonely life exists a dormant fountain of enthusiasm waiting to burst forth and transform the known world.
We and everyone in it are intrigued by fresh forests of fine figuring through the confusing philosophies of philistine philodendron planters.
We are of a mind to ministrate with trackless determination in balloons floating above the crowds and casting cautionary glints of gladness to the wind.
What will we do in our spindly programmed parade of practicality.
Where do you see the answers to my riddles of wonder?
Where do you go with the questions that came after the answers?
Who watches while waiters whirl west with wise words wrestled from whistlers walking wretchedly into the worst watch shop in Wichita?

What can I think now that will allow me to change my life for the better?
How can I become the architect for change in my life?
How can I become the driving force in my life?
How can I do what I have never done before?
How can I think the thoughts that never in my brain have rung before?
How can I become impetus for positive, progressive, intelligent, and spiritual change in the world now?
How can I become that essential inspiration for good in the world today?

I mowed the meadows of cosmological beginnings, and smelled the fresh grass of greatness.
The radical rotunda of difficulties spun its little head of illusive happiness and scattered the glass of giddiness to giggly guys in funny tights.
The terrible swift chord of caution was shouting with strong jolts of panic alarmed at the state of deceiving stares.
When will the rolling reams of riotous laughter inundate the dusty haunts of despondency and rekindle the flames of hope and happiness that lift us from the depths of despair to the heights of joy?
When will we know where and why the inner fires are glowing red with resonating rhythms and rivulets of melodic insight?
Where do we find the roads to the real life rhymes of the Thames?
Where are the wisdom wells in which we can dip our destinies to rinse them of selfish grime?
Place your questions in the magic bole of bliss and the mystic mind will manifest the multitudinous mists of mesmerizing and mysterious mirth.

Could I write a sentence that would keep me writing?
Keep me writing what?
Keep me writing sentences, one after the other, until I fell asleep, or until I ran out of sentences. Cause that’s what writing is all about, isn’t it? Writing sentences, or verse if one is a poet.
But I don’t think I have the poetic gene to proclaim myself a poet, because it doesn’t come naturally to me to rhyme. And yet I know poems don’t have to rhyme, but they do need some thing else, if they don’t rhyme. They have to have a certain rhythm that will provide structure, and a beat to read them aloud by. Am I right, am I wrong?
You can say what you will, there’s no one here to question you, or tell you that you are wrong.
The world won’t care whether you know what you are talking about, but the world will care whether or not you can make a good sentence. And what constitutes a good sentence? Good question, depends on your intention in writing the sentence,
Do you want to engage, frighten, intrigue, terrify, edify, elucidate, or demonstrate a wonderful talent for expressing concepts, ideas, or invoke a specific emotional response?
But yet we have decided that the secret to perpetual, persistent, relentless, or insistent writing is to stick to the practice of writing one sentence after the other, perhaps the sentences’ intention will develop of it’s volition.

(This is a great lineup of the very crucial benefits derived from regular journaling. I’ve only listed the highlights, you can go to the website to get the full details.)

10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Keeping a Journal-Thai Nguyen

1. Stretching Your IQ
2. Evoking Mindfulness
3. Achieving Goals
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Boosting Memory and Comprehension
6. Strengthen Your Self-Discipline
7. Improve Communication Skills
8. Healing
9. Spark Your Creativity
10. Self-Confidence

Does your behavior and speech reflect the your greatest ideals?
Are you making enough of an effort to make those ideals a part of your daily life?

How we can address the past in the present?
How can our present thoughts, and aspirations improve conditions that we set up in the past?
Is there any truth that we should espouse that will bring us peace of mind?
Is there any idea that we want to embrace that will bring us the happiness we seek?
Do we want to live in harmony with nature and the universe or is it just enough that we have the car, house, spouse, job and life that was supposed to make us happy?
Where is the line drawn that says we have had enough of a sham life, enough of a sham existence, and a sham prosperity dream?
Let’s be at peace with the possibilities and open to the potentialities.

To thy noblest self be true
Is it true that we have more than one self?
Or is it true that we have more than one nature?
Or is it true that how we are, how we behave may vary from day to day and from hour to hour depending on our mood, our ability to deal with the stresses that come our way, our quality of self control, our depth of self understanding, and what is expected of us by ourselves and others?

For sooth I say the worlds of wisdom unfold from my words of lofty insight.
I can with protracted skill derive an inventive interest in deep and abiding jaunts in a serious quest for answers and responses that will further define and refine my essential strengths and superior qualifications.

The Journaling Deconstruction – Robin Sharma

An excellent podcast. He has skillfully shared some gems of journaling.

1. Journaling Organizes Your Thinking
2. Journaling Fosters Hope
3. Journaling Allows You to Repeat And Relive Your Favorite Experiences
4. Journaling Imprints Deliberate Gratitude
5. Journaling Helps You Process Through And Release Low Energy Emotions
6. Exponential Learning Sustainability
7. Journaling Allows You To Record Your Remarkable Life