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When you frame the questions correctly, adequately, completely, thoughtfully, meaningfully, deeply, and profoundly the answers will be windows to more questions.

When you are ready to fulfill your destiny the pieces of your possibility puzzle will come together.

Apple could accommodate the FBI by cracking the encryption and then write the code to program that possibility out of the OS in the next version. After reading this, I had to reconsider that approach.

“EFF supports Apple’s stand against creating special software to crack their own devices. As the FBI’s motion concedes, the All Writs Act requires that the technical assistance requested not be ‘unduly burdensome,’ but as outlined above creating this software would indeed be burdensome, risky, and go against modern security engineering practices.”

With this in mind, and the fact that we live in a world where the good and bad people all have phones and can use them to suit their own purposes, perhaps in the future Apple will devise a way to design the OS and the encryption software in such a way that encryption cracking can be done but the backdoors can be totally walled up in succeeding versions of the OS and its encryption.
I imagine that as digital technology continues to develop, a workaround in the sticky wicket of the digital wilderness will be devised to accommodate the good, the bad and the ugly intentions of users.
Perhaps in the future, the ultimate security protocols will be built into the OS and will dynamically analyze the usage habits of the phone user and be able to detect the nature and strength of character, moral inclinations, and the bio-chemical stability of the brain.

How can we dig deeper?
How can we dig deep into ourselves?
How will we dig into ourselves?
What will we find if we dig?
What does the digging do for us?
The deeper we dig, the more authentic, natural and real we will become.
Write until you can think of nothing to write, then keep writing until you find yourself expressing what you really understand and how you really understand, not the regurgitation of what you’ve read and heard, but an actual experience of a truth, understanding, or idea that shaped who you are, and is being reshaped by what you are.

It goes deeper than what I thought they thought.

It turns out that whatever they thought was of inferior quality and does add anything substantially useful to the enlightenment of the world.

What you do or think must make a positive difference for all.

What you do or think must work for all.

Do and think unto others what you would have them do or think unto you.
This makes an even greater impact than you may have expected it too.

This is extraordinary. This is a milestone. We have come to a point where the thoughtless comments of a few influential knuckle heads no longer has the usual discouraging effect on the emotional state of the rest of us.

It’s instructive if we bear in mind that the personal quirks of a few murky minds who have been influencing the quiet, introspective types with their illusions are merely reflections of a more widespread phenomenon whose stultifying effects can be avoided by regularly and frequently exposing our minds to more thoughtful conversation and clear thinking.

Live As if there was a solution for every problem
As if we knew better
As if we knew exactly what to do and when
As if nothing mattered
As if we thought about it
As if we knew exactly what was going on
As if time didn’t pass
As if we were here once before
As if we never got frustrated
As if we cared whether we ever got frustrated
As if we wondered how we could make money some other way
As if the possibilities were endless.

If one is introduced to using a computer early in life, is there any chance that a person may find his or her mind functioning more like a computer than it would otherwise function?
That is, how could the mind be trained to develop its innate capabilities without a computer? Do we merely look to the past to answer that question? Did the educational systems or techniques of the past help develop minds in the best possible ways? How can the training of minds with or without a computer be improved upon?
How can we think without a logarithmic function, how can we remember the solution to a problem without remembering a pattern? Can we develop intelligent mental techniques of coping with life’s problems without programming the mind to respond to predictable circumstances and events? What is it about the mind that sets it apart from a computer? How does the mind process information differently than a computer? How does the mind process information better than a computer?
Is the mind more than a computer? Doesn’t the mind process more sensory input streams with more wisdom than can be programmed into a computer?

What if this day was a turning point?
What if the poverty consciousness turned into prosperity consciousness?
What if I had attunement with the divine will and henceforth I would, could create more wealth, health and happiness instantly?
What if I was able to totally embrace the possibility and the reality of prosperity, joy, and peace in my own life?
What if I could just share the inspiration, the understanding, the value, the meaning, the experience of the possibility of manifesting positive and prosperous circumstances where ever I went and thought and saw it make a noticeable difference?

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Find your own oasis of creativity
in the ocean of resignation,
by spending a few minutes a day
writing down your thoughts and aspirations,
until you’ve designed an attitude
that lifts you up out of the doldrums
and sends you flying
through the skies of possibility.


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