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Introspecting writing can become an endlessly editing project. Once you isolate a thought, you can extrapolate it to your heart’s delight.

Attempting to put your confusion, lack of understanding in words, can lead to clarity. It is often said, that when you define the problem, your problem is fifty percent solved. Describing the problem gives one perspective and distance from the difficulty. The problem can then lose its emotional power over the psyche.

If you ever wanted a teacher, a mentor, a leader to tell you what you most wanted to hear, you can create that ideal individual in print, on paper, on the screen or in your mind.

Become the teacher you most wanted to have.

You can explore and experiment with words until you have crafted that coaching ideal that will uplift, inspire, and delight your soul. In fact, that is a technique for attracting what you want. Define your desired object, thing or person in elaborate detail, until you can see it your mind’s eye, feel it in your mind’s hand, hear it and smell it.

Exercise your creative imagination and visualize the circumstances, connections, possibilities that could inform your mind, and consciousness with the understanding that you most need to succeed. If you are at a loss, and don’t know what to do about a certain situation, apply your mind to ask the questions that will bring to you the answers, the strengths, the powers, the intelligence and wisdom that you need to succeed in coping with the issue.

You can use your imagination to envision your ability to confront and overcome every circumstance that comes your way. You have within you whatever you need to succeed, all you have to do is expend the requisite energy, generate the mandatory enthusiasm with what-if possibility thinking, and persistently spend the required time until you have achieved your goal. If you feel that you have exhausted your resource of ideas, imagine hidden mental treasures of inventiveness, and power coming instantly to your aid. Even if you find it difficult to believe in yourself, you can continue to cultivate the desire to succeed and that desire can become strong enough to pull your goal closer to you. As it approaches, new understandings will empower you to move on. Every time you keep on going, regardless of the discouraging setbacks, obstacles, and failures you will be strengthening your resolve, and getting closer and closer to victory.

When you have found a positive idea that uplifts and inspires you, don’t stop there, add adjectives, adverbs, to it. Grow your enlightened notion into a golden purpose. Elaborate on your vision until it becomes unselfishly comprehensive, profoundly deep, until it expands your horizons, heightens your aspirations and instills a long lasting sense of purpose and connection with an eternal, infinite design.

A Challenge, not an Obstacle
Just deciding to regard my obstacle, my problem, my difficulty as a challenge that I am prepared, willing to confront and conquer, can and will provide me with the enthusiasm to think constructively about it, vanquish it, diminish its power.
If that fails I immerse myself in something else. If my mind continues to suffer in despondency because of the negative influence of a persistent situation or condition, I read an inspirational book, or listen to a podcast, or watch a movie. I attempt to enrich my mind with other perspectives, other ideas, other dimensions of knowledge, to expand my world, and lift myself above and beyond the petty and pesky problems that circumstances, people, or pressures can precipitate.

Exercise: My mind is…
Write twenty sentences or spend five minutes writing sentences that begin with:
“My mind is…”
In this and all journaling exercises try to be positive, optimistic, upbeat, resourceful. Think big. Think outside the box of your own self-concept. Think beyond what you consider to be your limitations. For instance:
“?My mind is a powerful resource, able to generate powerful forces to help me overcome any and all difficulties that come my way.”
“My mind is empowered to perform beyond its wildest limits.”


Recently I had a client attest that he thought smart phones make people dumb. “Dumb is as dumb does.”
Being apparently a relatively early adopter, my wife got her smart phone first, I’m in the “smart is as smart does” camp.
Would you want to hang out with your smart friends or your dumb friends? Do your smart friends make you dumb?, or do your dumb friends make you smart? Depends on, you doesn’t it? We could probably find support for both sides of that argument. Doesn’t it depend on what you do with the circumstances that come your way, the cards you’re dealt. As your growth coach will tell you, its up to you. It’s not necessarily the circumstances that make the person, it’s what the person does regardless of the circumstances.
It’s not a binary thing in the sense that we are not one or the other. We can be smart on some things and dumb on other things, smart in some circumstances and dumb in others.

Your life is a testimonial
Your life is evidence of your desire to know and grow. You need never stop learning.
Your mind can be developed ad infinitum, unto infinity. The only limit to your imagination is the one you put on it.
Why would I limit myself to songs I’ve been singing? Why can’t I make up a new tune? What will enliven me, give me great and wondrous new insights, understandings and perceptions?

Blissful Loops
It has been said that “ignorance is bliss”, but bliss in not necessarily a sign of ignorance.
Where we may love to look for correlations may need modification from time to time to maintain a flexible and fresh approach to life.
It could be said that we are defined by self created repetitive mental mantras, also known as self-talk.
What if we were able to objectively notice the nature of that self-talk and alter it in such a way that the change in meaning helped us to migrate to a more fulfilling state of mind and way of life.
What if we decided after writing down our oft repeated comments on reality that we wanted a change in our reality, and lo behold we accepted that we had the power to actually imagine that things could be different, then we could also imagine how we could change our thinking and our reality with relative, but deliberate, ease.
For instance, we could decide to start telling ourselves that we had a good memory, regardless of what others were telling us. The trick could be as simple as acknowledging the situations when we actually remember things, even if those situations are very basic to our life, and relatively rare. Adopting this new habit would allow us strengthen our self image and encourage us to spend a few, seemingly endless, seconds recalling something we had forgotten. Exercising that memory muscle will allow us to keep it strong and healthy.

Affirming ad infinitum
And if you are not happy with the thoughts you are thinking, change them through creative effort, or make a determination to read inspiring and uplifting thoughts or ideas repeatedly until their life-giving vitality wash over your consciousness until your possibility horizons are infinitely expanded.

More Than Positive Thinking
You may have heard or read that the secret of changing your life through positive thinking isn’t necessarily possible, that is, you’ll be disappointed if you expect positive thinking by itself to bring everything you want into your life.
Introspection and self-affirmation are more than positive thinking, they are reprogramming techniques that if persistently and faithfully practiced can produce appreciable results. But how is it different from positive thinking?

One must first acknowledge the nature of their thoughts. Are they positive or negative? Have you defined what you want? Written it down? By writing, as I’m said, one can see how to begin to see what they are destined for, and how to redesign that trajectory. Relentless analysis can help one refine the effort and the goal. If one doesn’t find their attitude changing, then one has to ask: why isn’t it?.
We can also ask ourselves: What am I missing? What do I need to do to make the critical difference? Often, we need to do what is un-habitual, what we don’t necessarily like or enjoy, to change the conditions that will illuminate a new angle or approach for achieving a significant improvement. Be open to learning from others. What will work for one person, may not work for another. Some teachers suggest that self-effort isn’t enough and that one may need to align themselves with a Divine power greater than themselves in order to overcome persistent and long held habit patterns. Conceive of whatever transcendent being, power, presence, or personality will empower and enliven your creative will to win with wisdom.

Actors and actions
Often times it’s easy to judge someone, label them accordingly, and condemn their actions, rather than trying to understand them. We’ve all done it, and it’s been done to us. But any competent builder of character and personality development will tell you that a failing doesn’t make a failure. In fact, many business leaders will tell you that failure is part of the process. If one doesn’t fail at something, one is not trying hard enough.
Of course, the idea is to do one’s best, but in the process of doing something new, one’s efforts may not result in a desirable outcome.
We can take especial care in monitoring the progress of our efforts, and not waste time beating ourselves up while trying again with a different tack, and an enterprising attitude.

Watch your attitude
When I was growing up and my thinking was negative, My mother would tell me, “don’t take that attitude.”
Of course, the first time I heard that I had to say: “I don’t understand”
Eventually, I realized that she meant don’t judge yourself or others based on what they said or did.
“Don’t think that way,” she said. That is, don’t think that what people did or said was meant as a personal affront to me. It was what it was, an action or comment that was probably based on a misunderstanding, faulty reasoning, or ignorance.
Don’t think in a negative, self-deprecating, or hypercritical manner. Condemn the action and not the actor.
If you made a mistake, if you did a stupid thing, then see it for what it is. You did something stupid. Figure out why, and how you can avoid doing it again in the future.
In the introspective writing process as in life, we learn to understand our attitudes and make them serve us.

When we Frame
Roberta Ness has done some amazing research, analysis, and exposition on the nature of creativity and innovation. One of the concepts she uses is the idea of a “frame”, which is a set of expectations, beliefs, and understandings that we all entertain about a variety of things, people, circumstances, and outcomes. The idea of “frame” reminds me of a “paradigm”. I encountered this word for the first time in a transformational program decades ago.
The value of acknowledging or understanding this concept of a “frame” or a “paradigm” or a “box” is that it enables us to see how our thinking, perception, and creativity is stifled, reined in or circumscribed by the nature of the frames we have created for ourselves.
What frames? – we may ask. I think it’s common that people repeat over and over to themselves the same ideas. If we are quiet for a long period, longer than usual, a practice that may be rare to the majority of people, we will notice that our minds are in a rut, repeating the same self-talk over and over, thus reinforcing the same ideas and frames that have become our worldview or our accepted reality.
If we take the time to regularly write down our thoughts, this practice can enable us, as I have said many times before, to see patterns in our thinking that we can then change, alter, modify, and transform, thus initiating, and embedding new ways of thinking and acting that can improve our self-perception, and appreciation for the world and everything in it.

“Honey, your phone is ringing…somewhere,” Marge said.
My phone..?” I replied. That’s the problem with cell phones, they’re easily misplaced, and what’s great about them, is that when you call them, they ring, you can find them if you look fast enough.
“I think it’s in the den,” Marge said. The den, or the office as we used to call it because it has our computers, printers, and all the other office stuff in it, is at the other end of the house. Fortunately, it’s a relatively small house.
“Okay, I’m on my way”, I shouted, because she was banging cabinet doors and pots and pans in the kitchen, and might not hear me otherwise. I jumped up from my reading chair as fast as my 70-year-old athletic frame could safely move, and scurried as quickly as my stiff legs and the obstacle course of tables, chairs, floor lamps and bookcases would allow, and reached the dark office, spotted the bright screen of the cell phone, and picked it up within three rings. I thought that was pretty good for a sedentary soldier of seventy. I pressed the button to answer the call. As soon as I placed it to my ear, I remembered that I hadn’t checked the screen before answering to find out whether or not it was another telemarketer. Then I heard my wife shout from the kitchen,”Use your earbuds, please” a second before the caller said, “Harvey? Is that you?”
Immediately I recognized Fred’s voice and felt some regret in hastening to respond to what was likely to be another conspiracy alert.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, it is me, answering my phone,” I replied in a lilting tone, attempting to elicit a laugh or smile from my typically morose and somber old friend. Overly melodramatic or not, he had been of immense help over the years, helping my son and daughter get into the local over solicited college.
“Are you alone?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.
“Yes, except for Marge.” I replied, not sure whether to whisper or not, and hastily added, “ but she’s in the next room.” Hearing myself mention her name, I remembered that she wanted me to put on my ear buds. Just as I reached for them, fortunately still hanging from a hook on the wall, instead of lost in the clutter on my desk. “Are you wearing your earbuds?” she shouted from the kitchen.
“Yes, Almost got them on,” I quickly replied, knowing that she would soon come to check on me if I didn’t let her know that I was working on it.
“Hold on a second, Fred,” then I hastily plugged one end of the cord into the phone, and another into my ear. “Still there,” I asked.
After a moment’s silence, “Yes. You still alone?” his voice was low but not quite as whispery.
“Yeah. What’s up?” I answered in an empathetic low tone. Then I looked around the office, wondering whether to sit for a lengthy “I’m got a lot to tell you” call, or a brief, “I think I’m being followed, and I need to tell you something quickly while I still can” call.
“How much time do we have?” he inquired. Wow, nice of him to ask, I thought. Then I remembered that the last time he called, I was on the phone with him for almost an hour, and then Marge came in wondering was going on. ‘Was I going to bed?’ ‘Didn’t I remember we had an appointment early in the morning?’
“Let’s see,” I hesitated, trying to find a-not-too-long, not-too-short period of time, “a few minutes,” I said. That would give me some flexibility, in case he was long winded, or Marge decided she couldn’t bear to be away from me, any longer.
“Who is it,” I heard her ask. I suppose wondering if I was trying to hide something. Attempting to hide anything from her just complicates life too much for me, so I had decided not to try. Therefore, I don’t, except on rare occasions. This wasn’t one of them.
“It’s Fred, he’s in a hurry, I think,” I shouted back, after muting the call.
“Remember I was talking to you about Stump?” Fred went on. I un-muted the phone.
“Stump? Oh, you mean the president reject, I mean elect.” Funny slip of the tongue, rejected by some and elected by others.
“Yeah, well I think I have some proof that I was right,” he said.
“Oh,” trying to remember our last conversation. We had talked about Stump, the somewhat odd choice for president, who somehow got elected. And I vaguely remembered some weird theory he had.
“Let’s see, you thought…,” I slowly replied, trying to coax the memory back and yet hoping that he would grow impatient, and…
“He’s an alien. Remember we couldn’t understand how someone would be so dumb as to ignore all the signs of global warming and want to continue with oil and coal production, and abolish the alternative energy initiatives, etc. And so on. Do you remember now?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember now, yeah, wow, we were wondering about that,” he was wondering, I believed the elect was an idiot.
“Well he is,”
“He is what?” I asked, certain that I hadn’t missed anything, but knowing I must have.
“An alien, aren’t you listening,” he emphasized vehemently. The first alien that came to mind was the kind that came across the border, but that’s stupid. Then I remembered Fred thought Stump was an alien from outer space because that would explain why he wasn’t worried about global warming, and wouldn’t mind the polluted atmosphere, because he obviously had come from a planet with those conditions and he would survive, no matter how warm and toxic it got on earth. It was so obvious, I don’t how I had missed that.
“I’m sorry, you caught me late in the evening, my mind was in a book I’m reading. Never mind that. Now I remember you had a theory that Stump was from another planet. Yeah? And you think you’ve got some evidence to prove it. Wow!” I was having trouble humoring him. Did he lose his mind? He must have. Where, or when? A little each day, until it was irretrievable?
“I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out,” he said.
“Okay, go ahead,” I was curious, to say the least. I could see the headlines now, ‘The president is an Alien. Who knew?’
“I was talking to an old buddy of mine. We did P.I. together, when we were younger. He’s on the president’s secret service protection team. Wait, what was that? I hear something.” There was silence on the line, then the ambient noise, street noise, a siren. I heard footsteps, someone running downstairs. ‘Must be Fred running’, I thought. He has a staircase down to his basement. A door opened and closed, some latch noises, a whirring sound, a shuffling sound, more whirring, a soft thud, then dead silence. “I’m in my safe room,” echoed his voice.
“You have a safe…,” I heard a click like you hear when the phone line goes dead, “…room?” There was dead silence on the line “…… Fred?, are you..,” then the door bell rang, “..there?”
“Honey, the doorbell is ringing. Would you please find out who is visiting at this time of night. I’m in the middle of sewing, “ Marge said, ‘and I’m not in the middle of something?’ I was feeling irritated, trying to humor a crazy old friend and a demanding wife at the same time was taxing the limits of my patience.
I scurried over to the front door and looked out through the fisheye lens. There, barely visible at night, at the curb was a black SUV.
Since I didn’t see anyone through the fisheye lens, I asked through the door “Who’s there?” A man’s head came into view. He had an earbud in one ear, with a white curled cord coming off it, the other end disappeared behind him. He held up a badge, that said clearly FBI.
Oh them, I thought absentmindedly. They’re safe, and as I unlocked the door, I remembered that Fred had an FBI security guard friend. I wondered whether this was the guy.
“How can I help you?,” I asked, as I hastily opened the door, and I looked up into the dark shining eyes of the tall broad shouldered, nearly suited, probably ex-football, ex-navy seal presence looming over me, an uneasiness came over me. But then as I looked up into the calm face in front of me, it broke into a friendly, smile. There didn’t seem to be any cause for alarm. After a moment he said, as I noticed his neatly cut blond hair, “He’s not the first one, you know,” he said.
I felt a little confused, yet part of me seemed to know what he was talking about. “I beg your pardon,” I replied.
I got the sense of a metronome running somewhere, or was it the alternately dimming and brightening light on his vehicle. I felt a heaviness in my body, my eyelids fell closed. I forgot something. I had trouble opening my eyes again.
I heard the FBI guy saying in a voice that sounded far off in a tunnel, “He’s okay, he will adjust, everything is fine.” The words “everything is fine” echoed in my head, slowing growing fainter and fainter, then I seem to come back to normal, and he said “Good night. Everything is fine.” He turned, walked back to his vehicle, got in, and drove away.
“Everything is fine,” I told myself, as I walked back inside and shut the door.
I heard my wife saying something, but it wasn’t clear. She came out of the kitchen to me.
“Who was that?” when I didn’t answer, she said, “are you alright, you look confused.” After a pause, she said, “there’s the phone ringing again.”
“It is?” I asked because I didn’t hear it.
“Are you getting hard of hearing?”
“Ah, oh, I don’t know, just thinking about something else. I suppose, “ I said a little dreamily.
“Will you get the phone? I need to return to my cooking,” she said little petulantly. The thought of losing one’s hearing would make anyone irritable, and that’s another story.
“Yeah, okay, sure,” I responded, as headed back to the den, I wasn’t sure what was going on.
I picked up the phone and said, “hello.”
Fred said, “Did you have a visitor?”
“A visitor, when?”
“You sound like you’ve been hypnotized.” Then Fred muttered some unintelligible gimmerish, in a language, I didn’t recognize. My head cleared, and I remembered the FBI guy at the front door. “He hypnotized me, didn’t he?” I heard myself say. “How did he do that?”
“I’m glad you asked. That guy with the blond hair is a member of the psychic team. They’re got all kinds of tricks. He wanted you to forget that I called. But he’s dealing with a pro, meaning me. He was in diapers when I was doing what he does now.”
“What’s he doing?” he had my attention.
“Never mind, they know I contacted you. They must have tapped our phones. But now I’m calling with DT, and they think I’m your neighbor calling about the fence that needs repair.”
“We don’t have a fence. Wait, what’s DT?” I said.
“Dark Technology. Can’t explain now. Hang on, let me make some adjustments on the psychic side. Okay you don’t have a fence, I’ll change that,..” after a pause, “ we’re talking about the fence that the neighbor had where he used to live, ah, somewhere in Montana.”
“Ok, he is from Montana. You can make them think what you want them to think, but not exactly. It’s complicated. Remind me next time I see you, and we’ll do a mind-meld thing, you know like in Star Trek.”
“You’re playing with me now, right? That’s so far-fetched, it’s laughable,” I said.
“Doesn’t matter what you believe. People used to believe the world was flat, ” Fred said.
“Some still do, I’ve heard,” I replied.
“Let’s get back to the urgent business? Who’s after me?,” Fred said.
“And now me, it appears,” I stated, I expected Marge to interrupt the call before my curiosity was satisfied.
“Not to worry, I’ve got them sidetracked, maybe permanently. Here it is in a nutshell. The president is an alien, the outer space kind, and he’s not the first president to be an alien. And not to worry, he thinks he’s in control, but he’s just another pawn in a bigger game. That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? Any questions?“
“A bunch,” I replied.
“I only have time for a couple. Go!”
My mind was in a cloud of concern, and I was difficulty deciding what to ask first or how to put it into words.
“Let me help, you’re still in a post trance recovery state. So I think I know what you want to know.
“So why do I have a safe room? Especially since I can psychically confuse people from a distance?”
Yeah, I did wonder about that. “Don’t BS me,” I said.
“Wouldn’t think of it. I have a fair amount of power, even at my age, unfortunately, I can’t move quite as fast as the younger guys, so I use the safe room when they show up unexpectedly, or I just need to disappear for awhile.”
The idea of a safe room brought up so many questions for me, “Oh, and how do you breathe down there? I thought they were air tight.”
“Special technology, I won’t burden you with the details, you don’t need to know, and we don’t have time for it.
“Now for the most important question. Why do I think the president is an alien?”
“Yes, please explain,” I insisted.
“ Have you wondered how anyone in their right mind would want to resurrect the coal industry and was so indifferent to the possibility of global warming and air pollution? Well, so did I?”
Now that he bought it up, that was odd? I always figured he had oil investments, and didn’t have the foresight to invest in solar.
Fred went on, “ One day my buddy, who works on the president elect’s protection team noticed something that made him wonder. He saw Stump standing behind a running diesel truck, near the exhaust, carrying on a conversation with his daughter for about twenty minutes, and those noxious fumes didn’t seem to phase them.”
“Just because he can tolerate diesel exhaust doesn’t mean he must be an alien. And you’re also insinuating that his daughter is an alien too?”
“Well, you can’t have one without the other. Anyway, my buddy, Ted, noticed something else. During the course of protection assignment, Ted needs to almost brush elbows with the elect. One day he noticed that Stump did not have the typical body odor.”
“Maybe he uses an exotic cologne, that’s odorless,” my skepticism was getting the best of me.
“Patience! There’s more. Being a curious, investigative type, he notices that the elect’s body is covered in a rubber fresh colored coating. It shows up especially on his hands and neck, where creases don’t fold naturally. ”
“Isn’t that just a matter of perception. Some people have strange skin. Or maybe he wears gloves or a wig to hide skin blotches.”
“No, that’s not it. Ted reasoned that if the elect were in a rubber suit, he would be very hot most of the time.”
“You could try frying an egg on his head,” I offered.
“Funny dude. He wanted to keep his suspicions a secret, so he used a heat detection camera. Stump’s body showed up excessively hot. If he were a human, he would have passed out.”
“Maybe he has a high tolerance for heat. Or maybe it’s a special vanity weather coating for snow season in New York.”
“Nope, sorry. This was in Arizona. Okay, let’s say hypothetically he’s not human, and he had no problem with the whole planet heating up another 10 – 20 degrees every year. And his army wants a hot planet, with a polluted atmosphere, because they can handle it, “ Fred replied.
“While the rest of us perish?”
“Interesting theory, a little far-fetched. You obviously have an excessively active imaginations, and can’t think of anything better to do. Therefore, since this is not a first-hand experience for me, I hope you don’t mind a little skepticism on my part,” I replied.
“Not at all, it doesn’t matter, though. Usually, I wouldn’t consider sharing this kind of information with anyone else. And I’m not sure why I shared it with you, besides the fact that we have known each other for years.”
“And my gullibility?” I offered.
“That’s an even better reason. And that brings me to the final question. Should you worry about all this? No, and I’ll tell you why. Get ready for more far-fetched razzamatazz.”
“Can’t wait. Lay it on me, but not too thick, my incredulity meter has almost reached its limit, and is migrating into lunacy.”
“Great, I’m glad you have a healthy perspective. Best not to lose yourself in a hypothetical world of hyperbole.”
“So why don’t I have to worry about an alien president taking over the country and then the world with the ultimate weapon— Global Warming!?
“No, let me guess. Because there’s an army of angels looking after us?”
“You could call them angels. They are invisible, light beings, and are very protective of us.”
“Have you mentioned that perhaps they’ve been asleep, and missed all the misery, mayhem, and madness that we wreak on each other.”
“Well, they do everything they can for us. If everyone would stop once in a while and listen, let’s say daily, we would hear cautionary guidance. Mesmerized by the entertaining life spectacle, the sensation-addicted populace takes itself blindly down the path of pain or pleasure, instead learning how to rise above it.”
“Hmm, those angels have their work cut out for them,” I interjected.
“Enough of that for now. We’d better step back into the space-time continuum, before we become disoriented. You’ll hear from me. Your wife is calling you.”
“Where are you? I’m been calling you for five minutes,” I heard Marge shout.
I’m used to her exaggerations and figured it had only been a minute, but on the other hand, it did seem more like at least ten minutes has passed since I answered the phone the second time.

As said before, we live in an ocean of universal thought, and often we are buffeted about by repetitive worrisome waves, much to our chagrin. Yet, you have a choice of rewriting the thoughts in which your mind will swim, direct your boat of consciousness or allow your life to drift wherever it will, willy nilly.
Boat be still,
And fill my soul
With Humility,
Let me invent the means to master the emotions of my mind, and gleam incredible positive and practical perceptions of possibility from the rugged ramparts of my resplendent ruminations.

I listened to a sales podcast recently.
The importance of being prepared for questions from customers or clients was the topic of discussion.
The podcasters emphasized that the best way of being prepared with answers to client’s questions was to write down the answers to the questions that are most often asked.
Same goes with writing.
Writing can enable you to prepare yourself for recurring challenges, and circumstances that come up repeatedly in life.
When you write, you begin to see the nature of your thoughts and the nature of the recurring situations in which you will find yourself, and then in the calm reflective eye of the storm of difficulties, you have an opportunity to devise and write down what you will, can, and must think, say and do when confronted by the anticipated future situation.
It takes hard work, self-honesty, and a sense of humor, but you either have what you need before or put yourself in a frame of mind that allows for an appropriate spontaneous reply. You are never given more than you can handle, even if you think you have met your match. All it takes is the adequate resolve to rise above the difficult occasion, and with persistence, you will triumph over it.

As you attempt to write, you may feel your mind enclosed by a moat of meanness. Not meanness in the sense that you are mean, but meanness in the sense that you are stuck, in a meandering monotonous, unimaginative merry go round of sameness. You may feel abandoned by the lilting light of liberation. Casting an eye across the moat of meanness, you envision a meadow of peace containing a beautiful oasis of blissful relaxation, with amazing ideas available in abundance. You begin to avail yourself of imaginable avenues of possibility enriching your consciousness. Great thought-scapes blend into majestic inspiring aspirations of far-reaching implications.
The oppressing weight of mean madness dissolves as your melancholy dreams are absorbed by breathtaking feelings of all-pervading peace. Your creativity breaks free and unfolds in ever widening endless vistas. Unanticipated phrases, clauses, sentences, and paragraphs of profound understanding inform your being with soul awakening significance. You are freed at last to explore a boundless world of possibility in prose or poetry.

To thine own Self, be true, as the night is unto the day, …. and so on.
Thy shalt follow the wise precepts of old, but the unique nature of our individual purpose in life require us to stand on our own two mental feet of thought and will and lift our sights to clear, still and quiet understanding of the nature of our own truth.
What we understand about ourselves and our role may be the result of working on the concepts, and ideas that come our way and through our redesigning of them we can formulate a worldview that will empower us to solve our own problems appropriate to our situation.
Intuition, decision making, and understanding can function in a refreshing harmony.

We will continue to push the envelope of peace until it expands into infinity.
We will continue to expedite our desire for betterment, and for prosperity until it far exceeds our expectations.
We will manage somehow to do the right thing, to get the right results, to manifest incredible surprises in relationships, in this and all other enterprises, in all other attempts at manifesting money, in all other attempts at manifesting successful enterprises.
We will find a way. We know a way.
We will continue to manifest great and wonderful things no matter our previous failings. We will experience unparalleled inspiration, overcome incredible odds to be one of the greatest examples of the human ability to manifest superhuman potential and phenomenal acts of achievement to further the vision of humankind’s incredible worth, value and power to overcome with ingenious empathy the down and out difficulty-ridden life.

This is a bad dream that I can climb out of if I so desire

At, there is an interview with David Burkus (The Future of Work with David Burkus). In this interview, the author mentions that we are no longer in the industrial age, a fact that is probably no news to anyone reading this. There has been a Creative Revolution, and we are now in the Information Age. Many people have migrated from the hourly, pre-scripted job paradigm to a self-directed content provider model.

So this new age is perfect for introspective writing. Of course, people introspect, without writing. However, the act of writing can provide more focus and engagement, rather than mental pondering with your attention scattered or easily distracted. As mentioned before, when writing we can objectively direct the flow of ideas that we have, and decide on the quality, and expand the context of our inner monologue.
By cultivating flexibility and calmness, we can learn to think outside of our habitual boxes and record pertinent thoughts, redesign them, make them our own, and determine their value and effectiveness in transforming our life experience. The regular practice of introspective writing can improve one’s ability and understanding of how to accomplish that transformative task.