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I do believe that I clearly understand the concept of reincarnation. I would, of course, be the last person to attempt to convince anyone of its validity.
It does, however, in some ways, pose a romantic, poetic, even dreamlike quality to the nature of reality.
What, you might ask, actually reincarnates.
The answer to that question, is usually answered at the risk of stepping on the metaphysical sensitivities of avowed anti-religionists. Reincarnation in my view, is more of a spiritual concept, literally.
If what I understand is true, we are all spiritual beings, non-corporeal entities of light and energy. Being of that nature, our existence and identity would not depend on a physical body, and mind that disappears after a lifetime of lessons, relentless efforts to learn from our mistakes and a variety of repetitive experiences meant to teach us something.
There are two ways you can look at this. One is it’s either poppycock, or it’s absolutely true. What else would make sense?
Then on the other hand, we could ask, what if?
What if we were beings of light and energy, occupying one body after the other. What if, we were progressively learning from our experiences, and more and more growing in wisdom and serviceful inclination, until all our selfish and dark inclinations had been vanquished forevermore. Then, according to spiritual teachings,  we would be eternally reunited with our absolute creator and source. As paraphrased from Revelation 3:12 “…we will go more out…”

A reincarnational view of life would help us to let go of the sadness for the loss of our loved ones. We could then live with peace of mind knowing that the souls of our friends and family have literally moved on into greener pastures, greater possibility and happiness, and will one day be afforded new opportunities to live fulfilling lives.

On the unsatisfactory merits of unbridled umbrage (or writing when I’m not thinking too much)

Stanza the First
The sagacious sentinel of sentences says “don’t wile away your wit with whittlers, let the terms of inner narrators dictate its own style and stride with dignity and mirth, not withstanding a moment of confusion, and wonder thrown in to flavor the feast.”

Stanza the Second
Frozen fiddles flying into the faces of future fireman,
May present a prescient possibility to persnickety personalities, and
Gear them up to grouse and grumble about grammatical gimlets, and gerund generated jiggles.

Stanza the Third
I thinketh one taketh too much care about the minute moments of mind and magnify the irregular drifts of dust, while the storms of inspiration, and vision are ignored in a fastidious fuss over fittings and fluff.

Final endza
Or as the devil may advocate, let not your mind be troubled by attacks to your acts, or slurs on your words, the myriad meandering of the lyrical piper will never be amendable to the corral of  correction, but unless the muse be tamed and tempered, it would never be known to the chaste and cloistered contingent of coercive comma cops.


There’s been some talk that a “smart” phone makes us stupid. Of course that’s a point of view. And like anything else, it has that potential, as well as other potentials. It’s wise to be aware of the downside of anything, but don’t stop there There’s also a bright side or silver lining, even if it’s not obvious. So whether you’re feeling “smart” because of the resources on your phone, or “stupid” because you’re not using your mind as much as you could or believe you should, probably has less to do with your phone, than it has to do with your own self image, or how easily you allow or disallow circumstances or other people’s opinions to affect your emotional or psychological state. So weigh the pros and cons of having a “smart” phone. Learning to think intelligently and wisely for yourself will help you to develop your opinions or philosophy based on your own experience.


I thought that I could accomplish miracles.

I thought great and marvelous things 

I thought of love, and conquest, I thought that life had some redeeming qualities.

I thought that I could find the silver lining in a storm cloud.

I thought of the rose instead of the thorn, 

I thought that time could stand still when I really needed it too,

I thought that every condition was relative and when I was still, really still and quiet, I could summon whatever courage and hope I needed to confront the challenges with confidence.

I thought of many beautiful things, and I tried to emphasize them in the midst of tears, madness, worry, and fear.

I thought, heard, believed that I was equal to or more than equal to any task, all I had to do is believe that and set my mind to overcoming, conquering, figuring it out with superhuman patience, and calmness. 

And with the empowering peace of calmness, I thought that the world could be an oyster, but I had to ignore everything and anything to the contrary. 

I thought I could’t allow the negative prognostications of hasty anxiety spoil the possibilities that were potentially available for the taking.

I thought that the positive quality of my thought could change my perception of what would manifest and how effectively obstacles could and would be handled. 

I thought that thinking was a quality that I could use to save myself from disaster, although it had to be used, exercised, disciplined, with persistent, optimistic, realistic, idealistic, rigorous, and all encompassing vigor. 

I thought that creative thinking was my superhero power, enabling my mild mannered average persona, to become a transformative master of circumstances, and destiny. 

I thought that with the right guidance, the right influence, the right environment, and the right goals, creative thinking could be my secret weapon. 

I thought that I could be an invincible wielder of insightful revelations unaffected by inhibiting beliefs, and self imposed limitations, ever able to design perfect opportunities in this life.

Is there a purpose that far exceeds who and what I am today that I would want to harness myself to, a purpose that will, can and must define, inform, and magnify me, my heart, my mind to the maximum limits of creative satisfaction?

blue & poppies

Purple Orchid

We’re finding our way
We’re doing better
We’re doing better
We’re doing better and better
We’re doing so much better
We’re doing so much better it’s remarkable
We’re doing what we can do better
We’re doing what we do better
We’re doing our best to do better
We’re keeping tabs on how we’re doing so that we can continue to do better
Our better ways contribute to the overall betterment of mankind
Our better ways are best built on being our best
We understand what infinite resources are, we know what infinite resources are
We yearn to be better in that respect
We love God, that makes us better
We are better at expressing our highest aspiration
We are better than they think
We are better than most think
We are thinking of the greatest betterment
We are thinking far out ahead of the crowd
We are exceeding expectations
We are far beyond what is expected
We are much better than people expect us to be
We are attuned to the power of empowerment
We are looking for attunement
We are striving for attunement
We are striving to attune our selves with a greatest source
We are aware of infinite resources
We feel that we already have what we need before we have it
We can be persistent in getting what we want
We are persistent in finding what we need
We are persistent in attracting what we need
We are always asking how can we have what we want and need
We are look forward to manifesting what we need
We are already feeling the excitement of having already gotten what we want
We are intent on doing our best
We will do our best
And our best involves attuning our selves with the infinite source, feeling the fulfillment of our needs, and celebrating our attainment of what we sought
We look intently, but we see with ease exactly what we need, our needs are easily met because we are constantly attuned to the infinite resource that is ever present
We know how to be better, we will continue to be better, we will find our peace of mind easily
And our efforts to manifest abundance will be in direct proportion to the success of our effort to tune in with the infinite resource.
The constant reality of our eternal nature is ever present in our God tuned minds and hearts
The more we exercise our faith and experience of having what we want, the sooner we will actually manifest what we need on this physical plane because we already have what we need on the etheric plane

I thought I understood that
I thought I understood this
I thought of nothing else
I thought of nothing but my self
What is my purpose?
What is my lofty purpose, what is my actual purpose?
What are my gifts, actual, imagined, hoped for?
What is the purpose of my life?
What should I do next ?
What should I do now?
What will I do then?
What matters the most to them?
What matters the most to us?
What matters when nothing else matters?
What matters when your life matters, to me? to them?

Take your leave far away
Take it where it has never been and do not return the same
Return a new and better person
Set the stage of the world on fire with your enthusiasm
And allow the gold of your mind to shine and inspire all who come within the range of its glow
Find your path with heart uplifted and true and be a beacon of light for all those who venture forth with happy spirits and magnificent visions of new possibilities.
Let those marvelous sparks of that transcendent consciousness imbue your beings with experiences beyond the mundane conditions that hem you around.
When your mighty soul triumphs over all trials, victorious over all obstacles, then the life within will radiate a light of power that will heal the world of dumbness and disease.
O great possessor of incredible energy, and etheric light shine within with all your might.

We looked deeper and saw something vast and endless, stretching in all directions,
Heir to none and father and mother to all,
The infinite, eternal void attracted and repelled, its essence foreign and familiar
And so it was, all was not lost, and all was found in one state or another,
Forever and anon, we lived with invigorated hope that springs forth merrily from wells never to be exhausted, and beautiful perceptions forever glimmering behind transparent veil after veil of peace, love and everlasting joy.

Never wrestling, never fought, the fine wrought blissful moors of tranquil tracks,
Fathomless and true, born to none, never dying with an eternal presence without definite state, an elusiveness playing with thought and will, presenting the viewer, experiencer with
Magical moments of mindfulness.
We shall find ourselves forever, and completely dissolved in a greater self.
A self that can and will be untethered to tyranny and test.
There’s only a minute before the life we lead is spent in a moment of preconceived misconceptions,
Frozen not in a world of bewitching whirlwinds, we will captivated by a loving embrace that encircles the heart and mind completely healing them of old and persistent ailment and error.
We’re close to the final act of this stage play. Our weary oneness will merge in a greater myself and be lifted out of what it considered to be an expanded state of being and birth.
If you can understand this, then you will find your freedom in another world, and if you find that there is something beyond your comprehension, then don’t worry, you will have another opportunity to explore that lesson, and pass that test at a later time.


I want to swallow the moon

stand on the sun

and spell the universe

in twenty words or less.


So you want to be a writer

because you think you can write.

If you can talk, you can write, isn’t that right

As right as rain, and you’re not insane,

you can rhyme,

you can reason,

you can walk,

and you can write.

The question is when?

When will you have the time, find the time, make the time, dedicate the time, have no other demands on your time or demands on your mind?

Well, why not now?

Or do you need to eat,

fix something around the house,

or look for something: paper, pen, the definition of a word, a supporting article?

Must you do research?,

read something for inspiration?,

delve deep into thought?,

or call on the muse relentlessly until you can get an answer?

And then you’ll be ready to pull together a bunch of ideas and try to make them work as a team, as a article, a story, or a poem?

So when you do write,

will the thoughts cooperate and come together?,



metamorphose into a triumphal understanding that you can convey with clarity and ease?

Rather than struggle,

why not just choose to write,

just follow the flight of flinty tomes and flighty flings.

You can be macho in your mincing of words,

and beat down the grass to reach the forest of dark, dense divination,

and delineate destiny with difficulty and decisiveness.

When will you come with up that golden revelation that will launch you into a famous future,

pave your way to stardom,

make you the novelist of the moment,

or the master story teller?

What will help you to master the mood,

the character,

and the nuance of scene, theme,

and fill reams with riddles,

roads of glory,

and moving moments that live in hearts forever.

But it’s not working, you say,

after minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years.

You don’t hear the angels,

or feel the inspiration,

the enticing siren song,

that leads,

and gives the guidance you need to reach the exciting climax, the conclusion that makes your day.

But wait, there’s hope,

because there’s always perseverance.

Perseverance, the magic formula, method, approach,

that separates the successes from the failures.

Persevere in spite of,

in spite of the lack of results,

in spite of effervescent mastery or nagging inadequacy,

in spite of the grand assault of doubt, and self denigration.

Renew your determination,

and dedicate yourself to your dream,

and eventually you’ll find that knowing what you want will save you.

You just have to define your dream more clearly, describe it with precision and pride.

Just describe that ultimate result that you’re seeking,

with all the wild abandon that a diligent creative mind can muster.

Because you have that magnificent manifesting mystery living inside of you,

waiting to lay waste to the barren landscape of discouragement and disconnectedness.

Just put your all into imaging and knowing how the master piece will flow with you in tow.

Don’t ask how will you get there,

Don’t keep telling yourself “No way!”

Tell yourself “Way”,

“There’s a way!”

There’s a way for every thing, every one, every day.

It may not the way we expected,

hoped for,

wished for,

dreamed of,


prayed for,

imagined and obsessed about, but there is a way.

And this way can be more than it initially appears to be,

more than you ever expected, more than the gods dared reveal to you.

Because they wanted you to exercise your faith.

Your good faith needed to be marshaled,

to bring you to a victorious future through determined and undiscouraged effort.

You’re on the road now, on the way,





and approaching a fulfilling, satisfying culmination of the efforts of your writing life,

a life that sings and lifts you above and beyond this temporary mundane moment.




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